Brand prefference of mobile phones

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Brand Prefference of Mobile Phones Essay

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All mobile phone brands

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Brand Prefference of Mobile Phones Essay A STUDY ON “Brand preference of mobile phones” Dissertation Report Submitted to Amity University In partial fulfillment for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Under the guidance of Mrs.

Anitha Suresh By SABITH.G Roll No.A Batch. Preference of mobile phones About 32% of students chose Samsung as their existing mobile phone, 28% chose Apple as their existing mobile phone brand, 24% of students have blackberry mobile phones, 8% of students are using nokia and 8% of students use other mobile phone brands.

From the above table it is clear that of the total respondents 54% of them use Nokia brand mobile phones. Samsung is used by 14%, Motorola is used by 12%, LG is used. This research is discusses on the criteria in mobile phones selecting the universities and people of Lahore.

This research mostly focuses on the student selecting the brand of mobile phones and how much use the one mobile phone and loyalty of the brand. This data mostly collect from the students of the Punjab University. List of all GSM phone brands presented on Teenager’s Preferences and Choice Behavior towards Branded Or Unbranded Products 1ShahimiMohtar, 2Mazhar Abbas, 1University Utara Malaysia 2PhD (Student) University Utara Malaysia brand as an important brand of conceptual judgments of consumers.

Achenreiner and John, ().

Brand prefference of mobile phones
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A Study on Brand Preference of Mobile Phone Users in Virudhunagar City