Levinas useless suffering

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Emmanuel Levinas

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QA 4 Notes on “Useless suffering”

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Turning to the Levinasian notion of "useless suffering," I consider instead the conditions of possibility opened up paradoxically because the other cannot be rendered in pre-given terms. Suffering, Relatedness and Transformation: Levinas and Relational Psychodynamic Theory Ruth Domrzalski.

Abstract Using the work of 20 th century French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, the following article examines the theoretical basis for the clinical concepts of empathy, attunement, and responsiveness. It demonstrates that Levinas provides a crucial path for understanding human.

Making Ethical Sense of Useless Suffering with Levinas Jules Simon I. A Phenomenology of Suffering Throughout the body of his work, Levinas contests the dominant modern Western paradigm.

Levinas: Useless Suffering Essay

He counters the view in which peace is only achievable as a dialectical resolution of the competing assertions of self-satisfying egoist superiorities.

I suggest that we look to Levinas’s asymmetrical configuration of the uselessness of suffering—that is, while the other’s suffering must remain useless to me, my suffering in response to the other’s suffering can be useful—for a parallel asymmetry concerning Levinas’s declared end of theodicy: while theodicy that justifies the other.

Created Date: 11/11/ PM. Jun 29,  · From the interhuman perspective, suffering can thus be “meaningful in me” even as it is “useless in the Other”. Our attention to the suffering of others elevates us. It is the “the very nexus of human subjectivity, to the point of being raised to the level of supreme ethical principle – the only one it is impossible to question”.

Levinas useless suffering
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