Max weber iron cage

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Max Weber: Iron Cage

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What Is Meant by Weber's Iron Cage of Rationality?

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One of the theoretical concepts that Max Weber, founding sociologist, is most well known for is the "iron cage.".

Weber first presented this theory in his important and widely taught work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, however, he wrote in German, so never actually used the phrase himself.

Weber and “The Iron Cage”

–––, / “The Profession and Vocation of Politics” in Max Weber: Political Writing. –––, / “Science as a Vocation” in From Max Weber. –––, / “The Protestant Sects and the Spirit of Capitalism” in From Max Weber.

–––, / Dec 06,  · What is your understanding on Max Weber's 'iron cage' concept, related to the bureaucracy? Can you explain in simple words?Status: Resolved. Read about sociologist Max Weber's concept of the 'iron cage of rationality' and how it can be applied to modern society.

Learn about Weber's four types of social action and how he described the results-driven world we live in today in this lesson. Max Weber used the term "iron cage of rationality" to describe what he viewed as a trend in society to move towards a form of bureaucratic rationality that would not realize universal freedom, but rather create an "iron cage" from which there would be no escape.

Max weber iron cage
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