Timeline 3000 bce 850 ce

Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire (800 BCE – 300 CE)

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What is the meaning of AD, BC, BCE and CE?

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Timeline (Green Sahara)

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Period 1&2 8000 BCE - 600 CE

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Travellers and explorersbegan uncovering the monuments of ancient Egypt Hieroglyphs deciphered Suez Canalbuilt Egyptologists began formal excavations in Egypt A.D. Howard Carterdiscovered the tomb of Tutankhamun Egypt became independent Aswan High Dambuilt: A.D.

As states and empires increased in size and contacts between regions multiplied, religious and cultural systems were transformed. Religions and belief systems provided a bond among the people and an ethical code to live by.

25 bce– ce Roman Provinces are established in Anatolia (Asia Minor) from 25 BC to AD when numerous roads are built linking the highland cities to the Anatolian coast. Primarily designed for military use, they become important communication and trade routes.

The Story of China

Ancient Egyptian Timeline A timeline showing the dates, periods, dynasties and significant events in the history and art of ancient Egypt from the Predynastic Period (before BCE) to the end of the Roman Period ( CE).

Timeline BCE CE. Topics: Ancient Egypt, The Mayan Kingdoms ( BCE CE) was known for their ability to write in glyphs and make calendars. The Roman Empire ( BCE CE) created a republic with no kings or emperors and switched to emperors.

The late Neolithic period ( BCE), was a time of increased contact between communities in China. Many walled sites were constructed and society was becoming more complex.

Timeline 3000 bce 850 ce
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